This chair's stylish lines and good structure attracted me.
Opened a can of "webbing"
Ugh. The previous upholstery reinforcement to the back used several different materials that ultimately failed. My job is to correct things like that.
Patriotic Lining
The previous upholsterer used a stars and stripes fabric to reinforce the sides. It's not an unusual practice to use scraps from other projects. I use fresh burlap.
Decking & nosing
Decking is the platform under the cushion. The nosing is the front edge. This is a challenging piece.
Fitting the upper and lower arm pieces. You can see a "Marshall Unit" spring system - where is spring is encased and they are connected together as one unit.
View of the inside
You can see the replacement webbing to reinforce the back. This was the best option since I couldn't remove the spring unit on the front of the back where webbing would ordinarily go first.
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