To assist in your estimation of the job, I provide this general guideline to the labor. Please keep in mind, I must still evaluate the condition of your piece and talk with you about any different finishes you may desire. For a simple recovering of the top fabric (no reworking/replacement of the filling, no frame repairs), you can factor my labor to be the number of required yards of fabric multiplied by $60. For example:
A wingback chair like #34 pictured (not yet including the matching cord trim) would require approximately 6 yards of fabric. My labor would be:
6 x $60 = $360
Now we'll add the special effects. Matching cord trim will require more yardage, too. Using the same wingback chair example, that would be approximately 1 yard of fabric (varies). So you'll need to add another $60 for labor. 
You're now at $420 for labor alone. This rate typically includes minor overhead items, like nails, black bottom, threads, etc. See Materials in Terms & Conditions for more on charges for extra materials.
Of course, there may be other circumstances that require more time. The more we talk about your piece and your desired end-product, the closer my final estimate will be. 

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